Join us for Union Kids Place Bible Lessons & Hangout Time
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This is a fun, safe, and interactive place for kids to explore their faith in God and to learn that He loves us so much and that He is always with us.

Together, we can get to know God our Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This is called the Trinity – One God, Three Persons.

Join us on this wonderful spiritual adventure!

We’d love to have your help as we put together information for this Kids Place Online.  Tell us what things you would like to know and to share about God in your life.

Also, please ask questions about any of the sections in Kids Place 
and let us know what you’re learning and how it’s helping you to grow closer to God, 
or you can share things that you’re struggling with. 
Send us your praises and prayer requests, too.

We’d love to hear from you!

Email: or just click on the button above.


Note: Kids = Anyone who is a high school senior and younger 

All “Kids” Are Welcome!

We can all learn from one another and encourage each other, no matter what age.


 Be sure to carry a journal with you on this spiritual journey, 

someplace where you can write down what you see, hear, ask, learn or wonder.


You can download and print our online journal page by clicking below.   

You can print the journal page on two sides of the paper
and fold it to make a booklet format.