Welcome to Union Kids Place Faith Foundation!

This is a fun, safe and interactive place for kids to explore their faith in God and to learn how He loves us so much and that He is always with us.  Together we can get to know God our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit. 

This is called the Trinity – One God, Three Persons. 

Join us on this wonderful spiritual adventure! 

Please let us know what you’re learning and how it’s helping you to grow closer to God, or send us your ideas for this section and stories about your spiritual journey.   

And, be sure to send us your praises and prayer requests,
so that we can walk alongside you.  

Email: children_youth@unionpc.org or just click on the button below.

Union Kids Place Faith Foundation

Section I: Introduction to Faith Foundation

Section 2: The God of Wonder

Section 3: Almighty God – Creator of All Things

Section 4: The Trinity – God in 3 Persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Section 5: God Loves Us So Much

Section 6: God is Trustworthy

Section 7: Lord Jesus – Our Savior, Healer, Deliverer

Section 8: Holy Spirit – Our Powerful Counselor & Helper

Section I – Introduction to Faith Foundation

The God of all Creation Loves You & has Good Plans for You

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see God and talk with Him?

Or, to hear His voice? To hear Him say that He loves us?

Well, there are already many ways that God shows us who He is and how He speaks to us, and that He loves us.

This first section is about the foundation of our faith.

God is already in a relationship with us and He’s been showing people for thousands of years how much He loves us and has good plans for us.

Let’s put together some building blocks of our faith.

As you start this section, get your journal out and a pencil, pen, or something colorful – make it creative and fun.

Or click on the button below to access a Kids Place Journal page.

Section 2: The God of Wonder 

Do you ever wonder about the earth and the space that it’s in?

When we look at the sky and the stars, the moon and the sun, we realize that the universe is one big place.

We can wonder, How did it all get there? How did we get here?

Do you ever think about how much God loves you or how you can really trust Him?

Step 1: Take your journal and go outside. Look up, look down, look all around.

What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you feel?

Write down some of these things in your journal. Be sure to also write down the date, so that you can go back and remember the timing later.

Also, take a picture or make a picture of something that you see that God created and send it to us – you can use our email address (children_youth@unionpc.org ) or our Facebook page to send in your picture. Please include your first name only, your age, the date, and the name of the state where you live. Be sure to get your parent’s or guardian’s permission first. Let’s share what God is showing us about His creation.

Step 2: Find someplace quiet to sit and ask God if He is real, and if He created all of these things. Make sure it’s a place that does not have distractions.

Be sure to listen for His answer. We can listen with our heart, our mind, and our spirit, as well as with our ears.

Write down anything that comes to you or that you think of, even if you don’t understand it yet – it can be a word, a picture, a thought, a feeling inside. God loves to communicate with us.

Step 3: Ask God about what you wrote down, or what you heard. Is there a special meaning or something that He wants you to know about it? Is there something that He wants you do? Is there someone else you can ask about this or share this with?