Worship with us!

Adult Sunday School

Sunday class for adults meets at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning in the Landels Room. Bring your coffee and bagel and enjoy our community-led class.

10am Worship in the Sanctuary

Worship in the Sanctuary with hymns and praise choruses. The worship team joins with the piano, and occasionally with guitar, for uplifting praise. The Celebration Singers Adult Choir often joins us. Each month, we celebrate Communion on the first Sunday. The children are in Sunday School during worship.

Watch our services and more on Livestream.

headset Are you having trouble hearing the Sunday service? We have installed a wireless system in the Sanctuary. The service is transmitted at 73.5 MHz. This is just below the commercial FM radio band and not subject to interference from broadcasts. Receivers are available in the narthex with special earphones. However, you may prefer to provide your own earphones. Most work properly with the special receivers. Ask our ushers for help getting a receiver.