Music Ministry

Terry Williams
Terry Williams: Director of Worship and Music Ministry

Terry leads our adult choir and helps with our worship teams. If you would like to join any choir or worship team, or call her at the church office, (650) 948-4361.

The Celebration Singers adult choir rehearses on Thursdays in the choir room. Auditions are not required; just come with a heart for singing. We sing in the morning service 2-3 Sundays per month. If you'd prefer not to sing on Sundays, consider singing in our Christmas concerts.

“To sing once is to pray twice.” -- St. Augustine

The CELEBRATION SINGERS choir is at the foundation of the music ministries of Los Altos Union Presbyterian Church. Celebration Singers minister in Sunday services twice a month, and present special seasonal worship music as well as a Christmas program each year. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

The Celebration Singers choir is open to all adults. It is a ministry-oriented fellowship which seeks to enrich and enable the worship of the church body. When believers gather on Sunday morning, we come to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's why our adult choir is called Celebration Singers. We celebrate His life within us and among us as we prepare for ministry in our rehearsals, and as we offer our music to Him in worship. When you are part of Celebration Singers, you experience wonderful blessings from God. Our rehearsals are fast-paced and filled with laughter, praise, prayer and hard work. It's exhilarating!

Vocal and Instrumental Worship Teams

Learning to use the gifts of God, members and friends can join various worship teams to assist leading worship services. These gifts can be in song, instrument playing, speaking, drama, dance, or media. If you can play piano, keyboard, guitar, drums, flute, violin, or another instrument, or just enjoy singing to lead our praise, contact us!

Sound and Worship Computer Ministry

Want to get "plugged in" to ministry? Buttons, levers and microphones await the stereo enthusiast who has excellent hearing. After a couple of short training sessions, the commitment involves occasional Sunday mornings or other special events. Or you can assist us on our worship computer the presents our videos, slides and other animations for our Breakfast@Union times. Call us if you can help us out.