Come visit the Library!
Union Presbyterian Church contains a complete library. Price Library is located downstairs next to Bailey Hall and the Sanctuary. The Library has a great selection of fiction, non-fiction, reference books and videos for children, young adults and adults. Mystery, historical, romance, intrigue, Christian living, and humorous books are all waiting on the shelves for you to find. Materials are checked out for three weeks and there are no over-due fines.

We look forward to seeing you in Price Library!

library personnel

Our library is quite an adventure. It is indeed a growing place with many new shelves, new books, and attractive displays. It is easy to locate the different categories for children, youth fiction and nonfiction. There is a special section for popular authors. A cart labeled “New Books” has the latest additions to the library.

On the far wall, near the desk, are the audiocassettes. These are great while driving or relaxing. We have books on tape, sermons, and a very good reading of the Bible. The tapes are especially nice for anyone with a vision problem.

The videos are located next to the cassettes. The children are well acquainted with those shelves. We have some very good videos for their viewing. There is also a nice selection for adults and families. Many of the videos are of popular books. Other videos are on different subjects. We have a series of three called “God's Creations”. If you haven't seen them, they are well worth the time. They are beautiful — a great place to start with someone that you want to bring to the Lord.

The children's nook has a small table and chairs. A larger table with chairs for bigger people is nice for meetings or to sit while looking through books. also there is a comfortable chair by the fiction section.

Church and Synagogue Library Assoc.On the checkout desk there is a map/guide to help you. Behind the desk there is always (on Sundays) a person with a smile ready to help. Once a month the children come into the library during the Sunday School hour for reading time. They come by classes and Laura Bence reads something that is appropriate for their age group. This is a very popular program.

The library at our church is a special jewel that many churches are not blessed with. Come and enjoy the blessing either before or after you've had fellowship and snacks in Bailey Hall. It's right next door! If you don't have the time, wave at us as you walk by our beautiful new windows.

*Our library is associated with the Church and Synagogue Library Association.