The Little Brown Church

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"The Little Brown Church"

The Little Brown ChurchNow officially established by the congregation and the state, Union Church of Los Altos looked for a place to establish a permanent church home. In 1914, the “Little Brown Church” was built on the corner of Third and San Antonio Road. The cost was $2650, but the members provided a lot of the materials and work.

A succession of retired ministers and a seminary student cared for at the small church until 1917. In that year, the Reverend Thomas Landels from London began his ministry. He served the growing church for over 23 years until 1940. Our present Landels room honors his ministry. Rev. Leroy Coburn followed him for a brief stint, but the Air Corps called him to be a chaplain during World War II.

The Rev. Arthur Bailey came to fill the open pastoral position. He oversaw the expansion of the church and the town after the war. The Parish Hall was erected next door. In 1948, there were 209 members and the Little Brown Church was too small for the growing congregation. Rev. Bailey retired after 10 years of service in 1952. arrow